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Sponsor a Kiddush


What a joy to share a leisurely shabbat or holiday kiddush lunch with new and old friends in the warm embrace of our OZ community! We are revitalizing our shabbat and holiday kiddush lunch program and invite your participation. Celebrate an anniversary, birthday, yahrzeit or other significant event by sponsoring a kiddush lunch.

For open dates to sponsor a kiddush lunch, please contact Judy Danzig, 881-3961 or [email protected].

There are different ways in which to sponsor a kiddush lunch at Ohavi Zedek Synagogue. For example:

1. Contribute to the Kiddush Fund to help cover expenses of Volunteer-Prepared Lunches. Please send donations to the OZ office.

2. Catered Lunch: a kiddush prepared and served by a caterer, for which you cover all costs.

3. Volunteer Prepared Lunch: a kiddush lunch for which you (or with 2 or 3 other people helping you) shop, prepare and serve food.

If you wish to organize and/or prepare a Volunteer Prepared Lunch, please contact Judy Danzig, 881-3961 or [email protected].

1. Kiddush Fund

A special “Kiddush Fund” is held at Ohavi Zedek to help defray costs of a kiddush lunch when costs are prohibitive for a volunteer who would like to prepare the meal. It is funded by voluntary donations. All OZ members are encouraged to contribute, at least annually. If you will be seeking reimbursement for expenses, please discuss that with Judy when you first speak with her. Please note that reimbursements are available according to the balance in the “Kiddush Fund.” No reimbursement for taxes.

2. Catered Lunch: for which you will cover all costs.

Prices listed here are from Kabella Caters and are for kiddush lunches only, not for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. If you wish to use Kabella Caterers, please contact Kathy Guevara, 482-4158 or 488-0878, and notify Tari in the OZ office. Other caterers are listed HERE in “Choosing a Caterer.”

Suggested kiddush lunch menu from Kabella Caterers. The standard kiddush lunch is prepared for 35 people. If you plan to host more than the 35 people or wish to add other items to this menu, please let Kathy know, and the price will be adjusted.

$215 kiddush lunch:

  • Challah, sweet wine, grape juice
  • Assorted bagels and cream cheese
  • Sliced cheeses
  • tuna salad
  • greens
  • Seasonal fruit

3. Volunteer Prepared Kiddush

Choices that you may make with whatever tweaking is needed:

  • one person pays for food and does all the work;
  • one person pays for food and other(s) do the work;
  • 2 or 3 do the work and one other person covers costs;
  • costs and work are shared by 2 or 3 people.

When planning, please review the Kashrut Guide and other helpful documents obtained by clicking on these links:

“Kashrut Guide”

“Planning Guide for 30 Person Kiddish”

“Kiddush Captain Checklist”

Printouts are available in the OZ office and/or OZ kitchen.

As stated above, if you wish to organize and/or prepare a Volunteer Prepared Lunch or just need further information, please contact Judy Danzig, 881-3961 or [email protected].